Self-represented parties

‘A self-represented party is someone who does not employ the services of a conveyancing professional/ settlement agent or a qualified lawyer to act on his or her behalf in the settlement process’. This means the responsibility lies with the self-represented party to undertake the duties of the settlement agent or lawyer and the self-represented party will be requested to provide the same information. 

Landgate will provide online versions of the paper forms needed to carry out a land transaction in Western Australia. These forms will soon be available at several online locations and also at Landgate counters. The self-represented party will be requested to provide all the information on the form before presenting the hard copy to Landgate customer service.

Foreign residents buying and selling properties in the state of WA should consider engaging the services of a licensed conveyancing professional. For more information on the obligations of either an Australian or a foreign resident transacting in land, please visit the ATO website.