Industry Co-design group

Nominations to participate in the portal co-design group are now closed

We would like to thank all those who nominated for their interest in joining the co-design group. We received an excellent response and a lot of valuable suggestions. Once we finalised group, we contacted each member to discuss the details of the co-design group including the date, time and venue.

As we mentioned in previous updates, our intention for the co-design group was a representative group of the settlement industry with a good mix of skills, from organisations of different sizes, and from metro and regional WA. We have received responses covering all these criteria including nominations from very experienced members of the settlement industry and are very much looking forward to commencing the workshops. We have a busy time ahead of us this New Year and look forward to working with you to develop solutions that work.

We will do our utmost to keep the industry updated on the progress of our project as we hope for active participation from its members. We respect and trust industry knowledge on systems, processes and client interaction and look forward to continuing to work collaboratively on this project. 

To learn more about the Co-design group, see The co-design group

In the meantime, should you have anything you wish to discuss with the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.